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 -^iWiiBoard is an interactive whiteboard software.^-^

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PostSubject: -^iWiiBoard is an interactive whiteboard software.^-^   Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:46 am

-^iWiiBoard is an interactive whiteboard software.^-^

BrothersoftEditor: iWiiBoard is an interactive whiteboard software that can easily transform your screen into user-friendly interactive whiteboard.

No matter you are using a touch-screen hardware or making a wii whiteboard/wiimote whiteboard,the build-in annotation feature allows you to write or Highlight directly on top of any applications or documents.

Main features:

* Built-in annotation feature allows you to write or highlight directly on top of any application or document;

* Built-in automated Wiimote connect feature

* Demo area roving with rove panel;

* Write or highlight on top of powerpoint's presentation.iWiiBoard will take control of PPT's page up/down.;

* All the writing can be saved,copied,pasted,deleted and resized;

* Unlimited 'Undo' & 'Redo';

* Can draw all different kinds of shapes,can define a table with input number of rows and columns;

* Magnifier and Spotlight functions;

* Gesture input Curtain;

* Picture show room and embeded Media Player.

New feartures in v3.9

# Can change blackboard's color and pen's color;

# Can define your own toolbar;

# upgraded wiimote search and connection;

# Easy-to-use color picker;

# IR dots positions preview; you can free download iWiiBoard Pro 3.9 now.

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-^iWiiBoard is an interactive whiteboard software.^-^
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